50 Guests Will Attend – Only 4 Spots Remain!!


November 12: Starting at Frank’s own oceanfront home, travelling along South Florida’s Ocean Boulevard past some of his multi-million $ spec homes, stopping at Frank’s revolutionary Micro Mansion nearing completion, and finishing back at his oceanfront Treehouse office, you won’t spend a minute in a hotel conference room!

And only 50 people will experience it (7 spots left), with proceeds benefitting Frank’s Caring House Project Foundation (www.chpf.org).

As Frank says; “motivation washes off and goes down the drain with the soap at night, inspiration lasts about as long as a bad sunburn, but aspiration can alter your DNA and forever change your life, and in turn, the lives of those you love.”


Hosted by Frank McKinney, one of the most innovative, successful, unique and enlightened individuals of our time. At the end of this transformational and interactive day you will be able to apply many new, golden aspirational lessons!

If you don’t know who Frank McKinney is, here’s his bio: www.frank-mckinney.com/about-frank

“On Saturday, November 12, I’m hosting an intimate and immersionary event for 50 guests where I’ll share the effect “aspiration” has had on my own life as I’ve impacted many through making real estate markets, our Caring House Project, my 5 best-selling books, my Badwater Ultramarathons and other endeavors where I chose to risk and step outside my comfort zone. I want to have it a moving event, literally, where we never stay in one place for long, thus insuring creativity and impact will flow and resonate!”

You will not find a super-detailed agenda, as Frank wants you to come with an open mind. Indeed, below you will find many of the aspirational lessons you will learn, and a few unique requirements to becoming a guest, but Frank wants you to have no preconceptions, thus allowing the mind to operate at its most innovative level.

As you depart Frank’s Aspire Event, here are 11 BIG (and diverse) takeaways:

  1. Learn the difference between motivation, inspiration and aspiration
  2. How to harness your fear of taking risks – this will involve a coffin!
  3. What brings true joy verses fleeting happiness
  4. Learn to build (or reinvent) then profit from your personal brand
  5. How to market and sell like no other
  6. How to recognize then act on life’s great “Tap Moments”
  7. How to develop both your professional and spiritual highest calling
  8. Learn to be an “Executioner”
  9. How to realistically set yourself up to make as much money as practical
  10. Don’t change, redirect!
  11. Simplify to amplify your life!

There’s sure to be many more…

One of Frank’s recent SOLD OUT keynotes. But Frank promises you WON'T be sitting like this - you'll be on the move all day November 12!

Here’s a quick video from just one of the many locations you'll visit during Frank's Aspire Event on Saturday, November 12!

Here’s what your day will look like on Saturday, November 12:

9-10am: Arrive and registration at Frank McKinney’s oceanfront home in Delray Beach, Florida
10am-12pm: You’ll spend the first two hours of your experience learning in the comfort of Frank’s home
12-1pm: Lunch around Frank’s pool and tropical gardens
1-2pm: Step inside Frank’s tour bus for a ride along Ocean Boulevard to see some of his prior oceanfront mansions
2-4pm: Tour Frank’s Micro Mansion nearing completion where you’ll learn valuable real estate, personal branding, and marketing lessons
4-5pm: Tour Frank’s oceanfront Treehouse office
5-7pm: Close with the thrilling “Leave your fears behind coffin exercise.”
7-??pm: Bonus session for VIPs only held around Frank’s fire pit

257As mentioned above, Aspire Event proceeds benefit Frank’s Caring House Project Foundation (www.chpf.org). There’s only one way to attend, and that’s to make a donation to Caring House Project, and that comes at two levels; Aspire & Aspire VIP (register below).

Frank can build a house for a family of 8 for $4,000 in one of his self-sufficient villages in Haiti (he’s built 23 villages since 2003!). That’s $500 per resident. He wants to build 6-7 houses as a result of the Aspire Event. If you can’t attend, and want to scholarship someone, we have a list of deserving guests.

Aspire level:
$500 donation (provides shelter for one person in Haiti)
Donate & Register
Aspire VIP level:
$750 donation (provides shelter for 1.5 people in Haiti)
Donate & Register

The Aspire VIP level affords you the opportunity to attend Frank’s Grand Unveiling of his Micro Mansion on New Years’ Eve (12/31/16), PLUS a 2-hour bonus session around Frank’s fire pit after the “leave your fears behind coffin exercise.”

If you would like to register over the phone, or have questions, please call 561.662.4503.

If you would like to make your donation by check (and save the credit card processing fees for Caring House), please mail it to: Caring House Project, P.O. Box 388, Boynton Beach, FL 33425. Put “Aspire Event” in the memo section.

“I look forward to hosting you for this unique and immersionary ‘aspirational’ event. I assure you, when you leave you’ll be glad you came, and were a part of a first of its kind!” – Frank McKinney


If you must cancel for any reason, donation refunds are as follows (remember, these are donations to help build self-sufficient villages):

30 days or more in advance of the event 100% of your donation will be happily returned to you. 29 days or less, you may apply your donation to a future event, but the donation will be retained.

*Notice of donation refund request must be received in writing.